With over 40 billion data points processed per day, these data points act as sensors that help us unlock a suite of intelligence data about our world. True intelligence data about our world can only be gained from leveraging large and rich volumes of data from various sources — and telematics data can help us achieve this goal.

There is a common misconception that only GPS data is captured from telematics; yet nothing could be further from the truth. At Geotab, we capture a vehicle’s location, speed, accelerometer data (anytime the vehicle undergoes acceleration forward/backward, side-to-side, or up and down), and a wealth of data from your vehicle’s computer including seat belt usage, detailed engine diagnostics and more.

All of this data at scale yields a wealth of intelligence that can be factored into your business systems.

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Our team of data scientists and engineers have curated our data repository and have created a series of near real-time and historical datasets categorized under Weather, Urban Infrastructure and Location Analytics.

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COVID-19 Mobility Impact

Cities are seeing significant differences in vehicle activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 Mobility Impact dataset offers insights to changes in mobility (on highways, near airports and shipping ports, wait times at the border) and the impact on wait times and mobility flow at critical points in the transport of goods. For private and public sector organizations, this dataset supports critical decision-making for route planning/shift optimization, customer updates and process optimization and more.

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You wouldn’t believe it, but many of the vehicles in our data ecosystem are equipped to report outside air temperature and barometric pressure. We essentially have a fleet of temperature stations reporting hyper-local weather data from across the globe. This series of intelligence data contains a range of datasets curated to showcase near real-time and historical weather patterns.

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Urban Infrastructure

From looking at hazardous driving areas and areas where drivers are searching for parking to rating road impediments in a city, our near real-time and historical data surrounding urban infrastructure allows for detailed data-driven decisions to be made, and innovative technology applications to be developed.

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Location Analytics

Are you interested in finding the repair shop with the quickest services times? How about the most popular gas stations in an area? Our location analytics dataset is positioned to extract business demographic data to help our customers optimize their business operations.

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All of this data is available for you to access via Geotab’s

Some of the intelligence datasets provided by Geotab contain data adapted from Statistics Canada Census Boundary Files, December 2017, and data from the US Census Bureau
TIGER/Line Shape Files. This does not constitute an endorsement by Statistics Canada or the US Census Bureau of this product.

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