Geotab’s Data Science Package provides Geotab’s larger customers with a turnkey platform that allows the ability take action on their own massive volumes of data, and also leverage the powerful datasets available in

Large fleets generate tens of millions of records every single day. Analysing and driving insight from large volumes of data is very complex; especially when integrating vehicle data with other line-of-business systems. In order to increase productivity and efficiencies across their business, customers are realizing the power of having in-house data analysts and data scientists that help them find opportunities for growth and streamline their business.

Today, we have Geotab’s Data Science Package. This package provides a repository of raw, curated, and aggregated data - with sample code - in a single data lake that can be used by data analysts and scientists as a turnkey solution to quickly derive insight from large volumes of data. Realize the full benefits of your large, unique-to-your-business datasets with the right set of tools.

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What’s Included?

Access Your Data in a Consolidated Data Lake

With the Data Science Package, you have access to both your data, and the aggregate data in a ready-made data lake. Every day, Geotab pushes raw, curated and aggregate data to your very own Google BigQuery instance. This gives you the ability to query all of your telematics data in seconds and, pull in and analyse data from other line-of-business systems directly into your own data lake. Whether it’s sales transactions, open data, store locations, routing data, and more, this ecosystem gives you the tools you need to be successful.

Curated Data for your Analysts

Geotab provides the following datasets to empower your data science team - large or small.

  • Vehicle Exception Occurrences (each augmented where applicable by location, direction of travel, duration, speed, magnitude of event and distance)
    • Hard Acceleration
    • Harsh Braking
    • Hard Cornering
    • Idling
    • Seatbelt
  • Trip data with the addition of Geohash
  • Vehicle Vocations
  • Hourly and Daily Traffic Data
  • Lookup Tables for Vehicle Information
  • Spatial Reference Data

Interpolated Data:

  • Interpolated GPS data with the addition of Geohash, direction of travel, and bearing (down to a maximum of 10 metres between points)
  • Interpolated Accelerometer data with the addition of Latitude, Longitude, Geohash, direction of travel, and bearing
  • Interpolated Engine Status data with the addition of Latitude, Longitude, Geohash
  • Interpolated Engine Fault data with the addition of, Latitude, Longitude, Geohash

Aggregate Datasets:

  • Weather
    • Hyper-local Barometric Pressure
    • Hyper-local Temperature
    • Hyper-local Precipitation
  • Urban Infrastructure
    • Hazardous Driving Areas
    • Areas of Idling
    • Cell Coverage Dark Spots
    • Road Impediments
    • Searching for Parking
  • Location Analytics
    • Fuel Station Metrics
    • Service Center Metrics
    • Truck Parking Locations
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Sample Code and Use Cases

Geotab provides sample Python Notebooks and SQL code as starting points to working with the data. We also provide how-to’s that illustrate how you can connect your telematics data easily to data visualization platforms (both commercial and open source) such as re:Dash and Google Data Studio.

Regular Updates

Both the data available and code samples are regularly updated by Geotab’s Data & Analytics team - providing you with the best code and use cases from our industry and data experts

How Do I Start?

Geotab is currently offering a special introductory price for the first year of this newly-available package. If you’re an existing customer and are interested in learning more about what this package entails, please fill in this registration form and we’ll coordinate a discussion with your reseller to help you take advantage of this new offering.

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