What Data Can I Access?

Geotab provides you with access to free data that has been aggregated from hundreds of thousands of vehicles with Geotab GO telematics devices worldwide. Governed by Geotab’s Free Data License Agreement, this data is accessible through the new Geotab Ignition platform. Login using your current Geotab account or register an account if you’re a new user.

Our data is categorized in relation to Urban Infrastructure, Weather and Location Analytics. For more information on these datasets, please refer to our Intelligence Data solutions page which holds complete datasheets and white papers.

Geotab Ignition provides fully anonymized datasets to prevent any and all disclosures of personal, customer or driver information. All datasets are structured to ensure that no individual location data is disclosed and each area must comprise data from multiple customers. Prior to being released, all datasets are reviewed by Geotab’s Risk Assessment Committee and Chief Privacy Officer.

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