The sheer volume of daily collected data in the telematics world can be overwhelming when attempting to utilize such data in a meaningful and productive way for our businesses. Find out how performance benchmarking is made possible through the utilization of data below.

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When thinking of benchmarks, think "apples to apples" and compare your fleet to other “like fleets." Now, the concept of "like fleets" can take many shapes. You can compare yourself to fleets by:

A graphic showing a fleet of cars and trucks

Fleet Size

A graphic showing different vehicle types

Fleet Composition

(vehicle type and make/model)

A graphic showing a globe


A graphic showing a truck and its driving pattern

Driving Pattern

Here's why this is useful — you have the power to see what opportunities you're leaving on the table. If your fuel economy is 30% worse than your benchmark, then you know you have an opportunity to improve and see an associated cost savings as well. Without this knowledge, you can find yourself operating in a silo and it can be difficult to understand how you're performing against relevant benchmarks catered to fleets that are just like you.

Using Geotab's data analytics, we're able to segment well over 1,000,000 vehicles into clusters of driving behaviour. So, if you're operating a fleet of 500 vehicles in a mountainous region, you're not being compared against a fleet of 100 driving in the middle of a city. Learn more from our benchmarking white paper about how you can use benchmarking to affect change in your organization.

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We strive to provide meaningful benchmarks to our customers that will help them provide added value to their businesses, while remaining cognizant of privacy, security and competition. We have established very robust policies and guidelines for the compilation and dissemination of each benchmark that is released by Geotab.

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